about me

Painting is my passion. It gives me energy and works as creative meditation.


A process with a story. That is how painting feels for me. Sometimes the painting is finished when the process suddenly stops. Other times I keep looking, thinking for days and all of a sudden I know what is missing. A small detail, a colour to make the story complete.


I create paintings that I feel keep being interesting everytime I look at them. It is absolutely the best feeling if others share that same effect!

As a completion for an empty wall or a painting as token to recollect a good memory. Every glance giving you that special feeling again.


Commissioning a painting is also possible. A specific colour, dimensions or image? Perhaps even a particular object embedded in your painting. A piece of clothing or jewellery, from a loved one whom passed away maybe? Or simply an affirmation you find empowering.

Everything is possible.


Colours and dimensions are totally different when seen on your computer screen. Furthermore, a painting must be a perfect match and tap into your emotion. Has a painting cought your interest and do you want to know if it fits the room you have in mind? Come and see it in real life in Eibergen (the Netherlands) where I have my studio. Please contact me for more information